A Three-Decade Journey, Transporting the Essence of
Vietnam's Highlands to Global Gastronomy

Explore the Global Culinary Frontier with Son Ha, Your Trusted Spice Companion. We deliver the true essence of local flavors to the world, backed by extensive scale and expertise. Let Son Ha be your gateway to international spice markets, elevating your offerings with the essence of Vietnamese nature.

Dedicated to perfection, we persevere in our mission to establish ourselves as the foremost provider of exceptional spices in Vietnam

Enhance your brand with Son Ha's unwavering dedication to spice excellence. Since 2002, we've collaborated with Pacific Basin Partnership Inc., carefully selecting nature's treasures and adding value to them in our Bac Ninh facility using state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control. Each phase, from meticulous cleaning to precision grinding, aligns with the highest global standards, ensuring the utmost purity to meet your diverse requirements.

Traceable, sustainable and forever improving